Premium: Raw Honey Latte
Premium: Raw Honey Latte
Premium: Raw Honey Latte

Premium: Raw Honey Latte

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*Premium Series*

Awarded one of the Top 10 Food and Beverages during Singapore Coffee Festival 2017!

Coffee Beans Blend:

  • Origin #1: Brazil
  • Origin #2: Columbia
  • Tasting Notes: Nutty and Chocolatey

Coffee Details: 

  • 100% Pure Raw Honey
  • Double Espresso
  • Paul's Fresh Milk (100% Australian Milk)

Note: Fixed Raw Honey Level for Optimal Taste

 To Be Refrigerated | Shelf Life: 5 Days.

"Raw Honey Latte was curated for my mom who prefers her coffee to be mildly sweetened as she was pretty used to drinking local coffee back in 2017. Raw Honey Latte is not just mildly sweetened, it has the flavors being enhanced as well! Mouthful of floral, aromatic fragrance! 

If you are having sore throat yet still in need of your coffee, this is the perfect drink for you! Our Raw Honey Latte will help and not worsen it." 

- Abbie Tok, Founder of Abbie's Coffeehouse


How to Differentiate Real and Fake Honey? 

Water Test: Real Honey does not dissolve easily in water, you will have to stir them. If you swirl it, you will be able to see honeycomb-liked shape formed from your honey (reference image of our honey at the side).